Saratoga Dermatology


At Saratoga Dermatology/Spa City Spa, we aim to provide the Capital District with world-class skin care. We start with a foundation of medical dermatology. Dr. Jean Buhac is a board-certified dermatologist. She has performed basic science research on subjects such as skin aging. She has studied dermatology with the masters that have written the textbooks at the University of Iowa and at Harvard. Dr. Buhac has been practicing dermatology in the area since 1998, and has seen tens of thousands of patients over that time. This has provided her with a tremendous clinical expertise. Dr. Buhac spends the majority of her time attending to medical problems such as rashes, skin cancers, acne and rosacea. In addition to the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, she is an accomplished dermatologic surgeon. She removes skin cancers, cysts and performs skin biopsies. Dr. Buhac also has a strong interest in cosmetic dermatology, and has developed the first medical spa in the Capital District in order to deliver these services in a multidisciplinary manner.  The medical spa bridges the spectrum from science to beauty.   We believe that prevention, maintenance, and treatment based on science are the foundations of skin wellness. 

Jean Buhac, MD Board Certified Dermatologist 518.581.2860