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BOTOX® Cosmetic

In Saratoga Springs, NY, there are few BOTOX providers with the experience and aesthetic eye of Dr. Jean Buhac. She and her highly trained team of aesthetic specialists create exceptionally natural-looking results patients love with a conservative approach and an artistic touch. In the right hands, this remarkable drug can take years off your appearance by softening frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles.

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BOTOX Before-and-After Photos

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Photos courtesy of Allergan. Your results may differ.

How BOTOX Works

BOTOX Cosmetic is a type of drug called a neuromodulator that, when injected in small amounts, temporarily disables the muscles that cause wrinkles and lines. These are called “dynamic wrinkles” because they are caused by the repeated contraction of facial muscles as you change expressions.

BOTOX Treatment Areas

BOTOX has an excellent track record of safety and effectiveness and has been used medically since 1973. Dr. Buhac recommends injections to minimize the appearance of the following concerns:

  • Vertical frown lines between the eyes
  • Crow’s feet at the outer corners of the eyes
  • Horizontal forehead wrinkles

It’s also FDA approved to reduce lines around the mouth and to soften the appearance of vertical neck bands.

Jean Buhac, M.D.

Dr. Buhac has served the Saratoga Springs area as a board-certified dermatologist since 1998. In that time, she has treated tens of thousands of patients and developed an uncommon level of clinical expertise. Her multidisciplinary approach to skin wellness includes the latest options in both medical and cosmetic dermatology.

What to Expect

A BOTOX treatment typically lasts 15 to 20 minutes if you’re not getting other cosmetic injections or treatments. We first thoroughly clean your face and then make precise markings in the treatment area to show exactly where to make injections. Your provider injects BOTOX using a small needle, with most patients only experiencing a quick stinging sensation.

There’s no downtime following BOTOX injections and most patients return to work or their normal activities. We recommend applying a cold compress to the treatment area to help reduce any soreness or residual swelling. Some patients experience minor redness or bruising, but these are easily concealed with makeup.


BOTOX injections don’t produce immediate results. It usually takes 5 to 10 days to see the full effects of your BOTOX treatment. The results last about 4 months and we recommend scheduling regular follow-up treatments to maintain your more youthful appearance.

BOTOX works differently than injectable fillers such as JUVÉDERM® or Restylane® products, which actually add immediate volume to smooth away wrinkles. These fillers, combined strategically with BOTOX injections, can help you look years younger without surgery. For patients with sun-damaged skin, adding laser skin rejuvenation can improve discoloration and texture, for an even more youthful result.

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Dr. Buhac is one of the leading BOTOX providers in upper New York, including Albany, and women and men travel to our practice for this and many other cosmetic dermatology treatments. If you’re considering BOTOX or other aesthetic procedures, request an appointment using the online form to meet with Dr. Buhac. Or call our office at (518) 581-2860 to schedule an appointment.

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